Chinny, Chin and Chin

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Perhaps a basketball phenom?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Do you have your lottery ticket?

One difference between raising a kid these days and raising a kid in prior generations is that in "the ole days" when you finally saw your kid pick up a bat and hit the doorjam in the same spot time after time after time, you thought "hey, in the fall he's going to be able to help me chop firewood for the winter."

Nowadays though, when you watch your kid do something new or coordinated, you start to wonder if you're sitting on a lottery ticket. Will he grow up to be the next Michael Jordon? Maybe David Beckham (threw him in for the international readers. Irene seems to know about him. To me, he's just the guy that's married to Posh-Spice)? Or perhaps, we, umm, I mean he, will be doubley lucky like Tom Brady and Tiger Woods and be a major sports star AND dating/married to a super-model!

Well Easter Sunday was not only the latest anniversary of Jesus Christ rising from the dead, but also Brady's first recognition and verbal identification of the aforesaid Tiger Woods. We were watching TV at my aunt's house and flipped to the PGA Tournament which was showing Tiger putting for birdie. At that very moment Brady exclaimed "Tiger Woods" and pointed to him.

Being Chinese, Brady may be too small to play in the NFL and too short to play in the NBA. I've ruled out Hockey because pee-wee hockey is too much to do. And Major League Soccer is still being out-rated on ESPN by Texas Hold'em poker events. However, he can go all the way in golf!

So save these clips because in 20 years people will be watching them saying "that's Brady Chin when he was small!"

In case any of you are wondering how little Brady compares with Tiger when he was just a Tigger - Mr. Woods started playing golf at age 2 and at age 3 shot a 48 over nine holes on a Navy golf course. And for those non-golfers, if I'm hot then I'm shooting a 42 over nine holes, so baby Tigger's score is VERY impressive.

Brady is not quite 2 years old, but is clearly showing he has the golfing bug.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Irish for a day

Yesterday Brady celebrated his Irish heritage with my parents with his St. Paddy's Day hats, some corned beef, and of course a couple pints of Guinness.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Shoe-less and fighting back

Last weekend we took Brady to Gymboree. Usually, my parents take Brady during the weekdays, but since he's moved up a grade, he also has classes on Saturday mornings, so Irene and I get to go with him then.

In case you've never gone to Gymboree, it's a shoe-free zone. Complying with this rule, when we got there, we took off our shoes and put them in the little cubbies under the benches. Unfortunately, when we were packing up to leave, we found that one of Brady's shoes had been stolen! Poor Brady, who absolutely loves shoes (gee, I wonder where he gets that from....), had to limp around with only one shoe on - and it was raining out that day. On the way home, I heard Brady mumble something about knowing who took his shoe.

When we got home I told him we could call the Police if he could somehow help identify the scoundrel that left him bare footed. With Brady's limited vocabulary, I thought maybe drawing may be the best path forward, and I pulled out a piece of paper to have him draw a picture of the thief. Brady tried, but it ended up looking mostly like scribbles and Brady kept yelling "worm! worm!" I didn't see any worms at Gymboree, so I tried another tact - a stroke of genious actually, if I do say so myself.

I pulled out Mr. Potato head and told Brady to try to show me what he remembered the villan looking like. This is what he did....

So, if anybody sees a uni-browed 2-year old, with four shifty right eyes, and two left arms, let me know. According to Brady, that Saturday he was wearing a green baseball cap with blue shoes too. I took this picture and had it posted on the local Police website and sure enough, the next time Brady showed up to Gymboree with my parents, the teacher said his stolen shoe was dropped off anonomously for Brady.
But we'll always have this picture and when we find the uni-browed runt, we're going steal his shoes and see how he likes it!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cereal is good

Brady's hand-mouth coordination has improved greatly over the past few months, so we decided to start him on milk and cereal. As you can see, he gets the concept but perhaps the spoon is a bit too big for his mouth.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Dress up time

Brady likes to put on our clothes when we're not looking. This is what happens when you leave your snow shovelling stuff out to dry...he grabs everything and puts it on. Here Brady is showcasing my boots and gloves, with his own Patriots hat.