Chinny, Chin and Chin

This is our first blog so don't blame us if we don't know what we're doing.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fun in the leaves


Last weekend we took advantage of the beautiful weather again to do some yard work - picking up leaves and acorns specifically. The kids were not so interested after about 10 minutes, so they found other things to do, like ride their bikes and motorized vehicles...

...But Brady decided that puttering around in the driveway was getting boring, so why not use good ole gravity to take a speedy ride into a giant pile of leaves, right? We decided to take the risk of ending up on the 'Stupid Human Tricks' bit on Letterman or worse, candidates for the Darwin Awards, and took a video. Here is our little dare devil.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Mia playing with Brady

One good thing about this concept of retroactive posts is that I'm forced to look back at stuff that we took awhile ago. Hard to believe that this video was taken just two months ago because they kids look so much bigger now. Mia is no longer uses her high chair but instead sits at the dinner table with us, and she now eats with a fork and spoon more often than her hands. She does still like to play fetch sometimes though....

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Re-living the good ole days

Tonight Brady decided he would get up into (now) Mia's high chair to remember what it was like. Once he realized he couldn't get out once strapped in, he decided it was not so much fun...

Monday, November 02, 2009

The Cranberry Festival

In September we stumbled along the Harwich Cranberry Festival, but it got rained out. Fortunately, the rain date did not and we were able to join in the fun. It was a great time. The kids played all the games on the beach (there were a lot) and we came back after dinner to attend a beach bonfire, which everyone enjoyed. And on the way back to the car, we looked up into the sky and caught a glimpse of a wierd bell shaped formation in the sky. A UFO? Well, it was until the next morning when we read on what it actually was. All in all, great fun was had by all. Looking forward to it again next year already.

Irene showed Brady the game where you throw the bean bag through hole...

...Brady threw and swished his first toss (see the bag below the hole in the board).

Here Brady shows he can throw with different arm angles (valued highly in both Major League Baseball and the NFL)

McDonald's anyone?
Brady loved the scoot boards.