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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Work Tomfoolery

They say that staying at home and taking care of a baby is a full time job. Well, what happens when you mix taking care of a baby with your other full time job? Comic relief. You would think it would be somewhat of a disaster, but when the weather is not good, Tiger misses the US Open cut, the US Soccer team (0-2-1 with 4 (FOUR!) shots on goal in the World Cup) shows that soccer really is not Futbol, getting a visit from your little buddy is just what you need to pick you up on a Friday afternoon. Plus, he brought cookies!
Thank you Brady! You and mom can come back any time!
Brady arrived on the shoulders of his mommy.
"I'm still trying to work here folks...."
Here Brady is making his train choo-CHOOOOO sign. Irene still srewing around. Later saying "this is what we do at work." Not at my work....

Finally I get some time to take a proper picture with my buddy.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Comings and Goings

Another busy day for little Brady. He had to say goodbye to his grandparents (Irene's parents) who have been staying with us and helping take care of him. But he got to meet his uncle and cousins from Portland this week as well! So many people for him to keep track of.

One last picture before leaving for Costa Rica

Uncle Gary holding Brady for the first time, claiming he's forgotten what it's like to hold such a small baby.

Cousin Maddie has no problem with Brady

"I'll have a baby with my drink please"

I'm not sure why he's crying here. The Sox have won 6 straight. Classic disgruntled Boston sports fan.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Up close and personal

Hmmm, I'll have to think about this.


Yup, I'm hungry....

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day weekend 2006

Happy Father's Day! Yes, it my first father's day and I must say, I thought it was going to be a more relaxing weekend than it turned out to be this year. Besides Father's Day this weekend, it was also my good friend Jamie Auciello's wedding weekend (Congrats to Jamie & Alison - it was an awesome party) and Brady's one month birthday. However, true to form, we made time for all three celebrations and enjoyed the weekend thoroughly (albeit we are very tired as a result).

Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures of the Auciello wedding because I left my camera behind, but I'm betting that the mad photo taker from Michael & the Enzo will be posting some, so check there for those pics. I am happy to say you will find none of me drunk or doing something truly foolish. I know, not my normal wedding behavior, but I had to drive home to Needham after the reception to take care of my buddy Brady.

On Sunday, Pudge and I were able to get together at the golf range to hit some balls. A good time, although hot (95 degrees). But still, any day I get to swing a club is better than the days when I don't.

After the range, it was time to get Brady ready for his one month birthday party - a big milestone in Chinese culture.
First, it was bath time. And I'm happy to say he is now used to taking baths and doesn't cry!

Then it was time to get dressed in the traditional family garb. This outfit my grandmother made back in the 60's and both my brothers and all my nephews and neice wore this for their one month birthday.

Excuse me, tailor, can you please get me a better fitting hat?

I am emperor of the Chin dynasty!

The emperor and his mommy

The ceremonial first hair cutting (only a locket, not a full buzz)

Have you ever heard the rap song "you got a red egg rollin' on your head"? If so, this is what it's based on -- the tradition of rolling of a red egg on the head on the birthday boy by the youngest in the family (in this case my nephew Brendon).

Then it's over and everyone takes pictures with the emperor

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A standard day at home with mom

Sometimes there are days where Brady just decides he doesn't want to sleep. On these days, entertainment is at a premium!

Whoa! Help! Help! The stuffed snake is attacking!


Any closer and I'll eat you!

When all else fails, give him to grandma

Talk to the hand

Okay, so he slept a few minutes....

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

June 11, 2006. Year one is now officially in the books. And what an amazingly busy first year of marriage it has been for Irene and I. I think if we actually stopped the madness and took a step back, we probably would not have done everything that we did. Fortunately, we didn't, and now we have a new house and baby boy to enjoy for year two. It certainly was a recipe for stress in the first year of marriage, but we made it through relatively unscathed, so I guess it was a successful year. So this blog is a tribute to a crazy, wonderful, exciting, and blessed year in the Chin household.

Not that the year prior, planning a wedding, was exactly easy, but it was nothing compared to this past year. Lots of emotion, lots of running around, and lots of fun. Well, okay, so it wasn't always fun. How could it be though.? Anyone that knows me knows that spending money is about as much fun as going to the dentist for me. And that's when I have to buy the large fries as McDonald's instead of a small. Nevermind a wedding, honeymoon, trips around the world, a house renovation, and a preganacy. Whew, yes, it has been quite a year. Read through this blog to relive the trip with us. :) We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed living through it!

June 11, 2005. Officially listed in the World Book of Records as the hottest wedding ever. 95 degrees, 90% humidity and no air conditioning. How could anyone forget that?! Handling adversity gracefully and in stride turned out to be foreshadowing for our first year of marriage.
This was the last time my nephew Garrett was seen wearing his vest for the rest of day.

I'm the little guy in the middle. Did my fraternity brothers grow or was I always this much shorter than everyone?!

Family bonding. My nephew, Garrett, and neice, Maddie, meet Irene's nephew, Spencer, and neice, Stephanie.

After our wedding, we jetted off to Kauai and Maui for two weeks! I would've posted more pictures from Hawaii, but I can't figure out why blogger won't let me post them. It was beautful and awesome though. We definitely recommend it to everyone and look forward to going back! (great golf too)

Upon returning from our honeymoon, we had to hustle to pack up our home and find a new place to live. Demolition was slated to start in July (July 26 to be exact).

In September, we went to Toronto to visit Irene's grandparents

In November, we attended Irene's best friend's wedding in Hong Kong. Congratulations Teresa and Doug!

Nice face Irene :)

In December, I turned 34. Eeek! Notice how excited Irene is to be opening my present. In January, we rallied with our contractor to get the finishing touches done on our house so we could move in. January 28, 2006 we moved back in!

And of course, May 17, 2006 we were blessed with our baby boy, Brady Matthew. So far we are having a blast with him and being parents.