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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chrismas Day 2008

As Brady said at 10am today, "it's been a good day." Yes, Brady made out like a bandit this year and brought Mia along for the ride. We even got to have Cleo and family over for a bit to break in the new stuff. Here are some highlights of Christmas day.

On go the pads...

...and he's off....I was surprised he just hopped on and went.

Chinese people can never have enough rice cookers...maybe hugging them is a bit much though

This is my first Christmas and Brady's getting all the good stuff! Grrr. Mia got a nice Backyardigan's toy, which Brady was happy to help her open

Brady got three baseball gloves for Christmas Mia loved eating her clothes presents. They were yummy. What's Christmas without something Wii Wonder Pets! Brady loves books

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ho Ho Ho, here we go....again

Christmas 2008, new year, new kid. We visited Santa again and spent much of the time in line preparing Brady so he wouldn't cry like last year. "Remember Brady, you are going to sit next to Santa with Mia and you tell him what you want for Christmas. Then we'll take your picture...." The responses from Brady indicated he was ready, much more mature and prepared than last year. Then when we got our turn with Santa, Brady refused to sit with him alone and by the time we got him settled, Mia figured out that she was being held by a giant white bearded guy in a red suit. A told the photographer to snap the picture but the kid was really a kid and responded "she's not looking at the camera" and then snapped the shot 2 seconds too late and we have now are the proud owners of a $22 picture that looks something similar to the one I took below. Merry Christmas. Santa clearly isn't feeling the recession.

December 24, 2008 - Brady prepared for Santa. First by putting out his cookies and writing a letter to Santa to read.

Then he went out to put out food for the reindeers to be sure they stopped at our house.

We're ready for you Santa!