Chinny, Chin and Chin

This is our first blog so don't blame us if we don't know what we're doing.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Twin Tykes at it again

We wisely bought Brady foam golf balls over the weekend because he is learning to throw them now

Hold on while I get on my bike
Did you take my pants? Who took my pants?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A day in the park

We went to the Playroom room at the Natick Mall over the weekend and discovered that Brady loves slides. So we took him to the park later in the day to play on the bigger slides, and boy did he enjoy himself.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cut than hair! Cut that hair!

As you have been reading, Brady has been just wearing us down slowly. And it didn't get any better recently since his molars are now popping through his gums, so he's been exponentially more uncomfortable at night, which has an inverse relationship to the amount of sleep that Irene and I get.

Wonder why I'm pulling out the ole math terms? Well, because those were a few of the things I learned in college. Another thing I learned is that when you are beaten down, two things can always perk you up and make you laugh - (1) Drawing a Rollie Fingers mustache on someone with a permanent marker when they are sleeping, and (2) shaving someone's head (while they are sleeping or awake - it's more fun actually if they are awake because of all the screaming -- "Stop!", "Don't squirm or you'll get cut!", "Stooooooop!", "Seriously, these things are sharp and can cut off your ear!"...).

Since we can't ethically draw a mustache on Brady, we chose option #2. He looks very clean cut now. He's gone from a Nirvana grunge to pottery barn cover boy look. Here is how the day played out. Brady loves his new haircut!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What am I blogging about?

Brady is on the go more than ever, but I will say that (1) he is very good and generally knows when he's trying to get away with something that he's not supposed to do, like climbing the stairs, splashing in the toilet, or filing his teeth with his nail file, and (2) that he is getting more amusing by the day.

Now that he's mobile, he is almost self amusing. The other day he decided to do laps around the coffee table and as long as we celebrated each lap, he just kept going round and round and round, for ten minutes.

That's all I got for Brady right now. The downside of his mobility is that we spend a lot more time chasing him than reaching for the camera. So, for those looking for Brady pictures, I'm sorry, but we'll get a load of pictures of the king of the house this weekend and get them up next week.

However, for my fellow peers who grew up with me, you may appreciate this. It's a perfect example of how something completely normal can go awry very quickly.

So as I'm writing this blog, I am watching the above video of Brady and cracking up. Then for some reason the song "wheels on the bus go round and round" pops in my head, probably because he's going around and around and around the table. Then, Van Halen's song "run around". Then Ratt's "Round and Round." None of which actually have anything to do with Brady's video, but I figure 'what the heck, let's youtube these and see what comes up' and sure enough there are music videos of them all! I love youtube! I've sat here now for 30 minutes watching old music videos from the 80's.

If you're looking to give your kid an edge on getting into a top business school, make sure they watch these video's about 1000 times throughout their highschool years....(warning, only click the links below if you are a licensed 80's glam-rocker).

Poison - pioneers of their musical era
Ratt - Poison wanna be's, but so what?
Bon Jovi - top song of the 80's
Def Leppard - Irene's favorite song and our wedding reception entry song...of course, I don't think Irene's ever seen the video and she thinks they are actually saying "pour some shook up ramen"....

Poop-o-matic 2007

Over the weekend Brady increased his daily poop rate (DPR) to record highs, to match the oppressive heat we've been having in Boston. This is actually not a good combination for obvious reasons, but at least we have central air conditioning at home.

Anyway, at one point in time it seemed like we were changing him every 20 minutes. By days end, we just stopped putting pants back on him. His DPR has since returned to normal levels, in case anyone is concerned....

I will plug in dad's mouse

I hate it when I get tangled in my mouse cord

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Having fun

My first Tom Brady player card
Who me? No, I'm not planning on going up these stairs. I promise.