Chinny, Chin and Chin

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bats & Rockets

The other day Brady came home with his face painted with a rocket and bat painted on his face. He was very happy and proud....

Brady also really likes balloons, just like Mia....


Mia is really coming into her own personality, which is very different than Brady's at her age. She's really starting to yap yap yap though just like her big brother, who she loves. Her teachers say she talks about Brady constantly all day, every day.

However, because she isn't even two yet, sometimes it's hard to understand what she's saying, so here is a quick translation guide to understand Mia:

Loshie = lotion (hand or face)
Share Some, Try Some = Give me what you are eating
Mona = Mia
Cold = popsicle
Gabba show = I want to watch Yo Gabba Gabba
Bottow = I want my bottle of milk
Rees = Please
Minute = I want more time, sit down and wait for me
Bum Bee = Sing the Bumble Bee song
Cheese = I see you pointing that camera at me (see video for example)
Check up = Ketchup
Oh-gurt = yogurt
Bana = Banana
Rahhhh = Lion

Mia loves playing in laundry baskets

Mia loves her milk and loves her balloons.

Flood Zone

On Friday night, it started to rain in the northeast. On Sunday around 11:30am the ground around our house hit its saturation point and the water started forcing its way into our basement. We were lucky to catch it early and set up our utility sump pump, and get out to purchase a second one as well. The pumps ran non-stop from then to today.

As you can see, water came in fast when it came because these videos were taken 20 minutes after finding the initial leaks. We were headed out to lunch at the time, so the kids were in their rain boots and jackets, which they used to play in the basement as it flooded and we set up the pumps.

The good news is we are drying out and we were able to get the basement emptied quickly so the damage is very minimal, especially compared to so many others in the area.